Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The much-debated, resisted, agitated, forced, yearned for, depressing and yet uplifting word ever.

Most people can't tell anymore if it is something we want or can do without; whether it is what makes the world go 'round or the reason it's gone awry.

I don't know about anyone else, but love is something that lifts me, overwhelms me, makes me laugh and cry at the same time and feel like I'm not just one body but a sea of emotion that is flowing in every direction and creating currents through the universe. It opens my heart in a second and releases all my energy, love, positivity, inhibitions and restraints. It unshackles my thoughts. It sets me truly free, such that I feel I'm making music from thunder and dancing in the chaos of the world.

Something so valuable, when lost, is bound to hurt. And hurt I do, so much. But does that mean I won't heal? No, that's up to me. And I have, many times over. By that, I can conclude that we humans are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. And if hurt we do, then so can we heal and live to love another day. I'm ready to break a hundred times over, if it means I get to feel that love again and again.

There is need for love -- a lot of love -- in this world; for compassion and understanding. And loving without asking for it in return. Unconditional love doesn't mean scraping somebody's name on your skin. It means loving someone because you do, not because of what they think of or feel for you. It's because of how loving them makes you feel about you. Yes, there is some selfishness in unconditional loving too. And it benefits us all, so effortlessly. But for some reason, it's become less important and overshadowed by greed for validation.

To anybody who feels as I do, I urge you to love. It doesn't take much, except the goodness in your heart. Show that compassion and understanding in everything that you do, with everyone you interact. Even if it means helping someone in need on the street - whom you will never meet again. Trust me, that kind of love is the best kind of love. Because for that one moment in time, you mean the world to each other and that memory will remain with you both. For that moment, you have brought warmth and comfort to someone and they feel loved. You have helped somebody forget their pain, even if it's for a second. To that person -- the second was an eternity. And you may not get it back immediately -- but it does come around. If we can spread the love, one person, one deed at a time, it could set a chain reaction to beyond what we could ever imagine.

I hope we never forget what love feels like and don't give up on it. It is the kind of power that can heal without words, medicine, money or logic.

To anybody I meet or speak with or encounter anywhere I go, as of this moment and for every moment that I know you, I love you and from my heart I hope you are at peace.