Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Undercooked Pie for the Cynical Soul

I'm sure every single person I've met has been in that uncomfortable situation where you meet someone and it causes a stir inside you. You feel a connect or vibe so instantaneously and intense, that you wonder what you're doing apart. But as Murphy (Cupid's dirty prank on the world) would have it, that someone is someone you just can't have. Heh, I'm sure some of us have been here more than one time. Me? Every other day, it seems like.

Either he/she is in a relationship - the most common reason. It warms your insides but also breaks your heart a little - to see that person committed to a stable, happy relationships with someone they love, just not you. But you try to be the bigger person and let go. But the worst is when you find out they're in a relationship, and the better half is also someone you know. Man, that's a direct steamroll over the senses. And you tend to act awkward around them when you meet them 'cause they have a way of looking at you and it just completely disarms you and you melt into whale blubber on the spot. You meet at common hangouts and see them be all 'couply' and try to wonder if they're really happy or there's a chance they're headed to splitsville and there's an opening for you.

You thought that was pathetic? What's worse than that? I'll tell you. What's worse is when you like someone, and they are not in a relationship with anyone but they're just not that into you. The connection is there and it feels like your auras are having waaaay more fun with each other than you  two are. And you wish you could join your auras, however that someone just.won't.do.it. They'll tease you, provoke you, joke with you, be cute with you, at times 'harmlessly' flirt with you, be genuine with you, be vulnerable with you. But nooo, they won't do that with you. Because you're 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' *Cue in The Rembrandts*

And if Murphy's in a really naughty mood, then he'll make that someone be in love with someone else you know. And just for fun, it'll be a friend who's close to you. And that friend won't like them back, so your someone is pining for someone who doesn't want him/her. And you'd think they'd understand what you're going through and piece the puzzle together. But no, the friend is fond of him/her so they'll prolong the wooing and tell you all the gory details. As if the FML sticker on your forehead wasn't apparent enough.

But the heart-wrenching one of them all is that someone you love, who loves you. (Or did, anyway). And at some point you just fit each other like autumn and red leaves and the chemistry was so hot you just sweat at the thought of each other. But you just can't be together. Because if you do, you'll kill each other.