Monday, October 29, 2012

Ode to the Night

The clock has struck eleven,
The birds have fluttered home 
The night is come
To bed I go.

The last pee 'fore sleep,
Turning off the telly.
Lights - one, two, three - they're all switched off.
There, I slipped and felly.

My glasses fly 
Into an abysmal black
But lo, colours return
To my view, back.

Neon orange, pink and blue.
Electric pipes and dots askew
A scary face, a hungry cat,
The outline of a frilly bat.

I scrounge around 
For my glasses. Dear me!,
They've been eaten 
By yonder busybee.

Stuck in its throat:
My glasses, methinks,
For it's buzzing echoes
Shabbily through chinks.

I freeze, horrified,
Curled up silent-still,
Hoping I can make it go 'way,
By my sheer will. 

But the colours form a mocking dance
The stripes and flecks swish and prance
Leaving mine eyes in a dizzy-do trance
Hypnotising; survival hath no chance. 

Lo and behold, there is a song!
The colours ask me to sing along.

"We do not come out in the day,
Night-time is our time to play.
We like to shine and bounce about
There's no way to throw us out!

We can be the best-ever dream
Or the Nightmare Great of all you've seen.
So open your eyes and join the tide
And you'll have a most unforgettable ride."

The murky rhythm casts a spell,
And I begin to shake abnormally well
I sing along their chant of the night
And do away with my night-time fright!