Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Love Story

There lived a boy named Boy 
Who frollicked wild and free
Jumped o'er trees and mountains climbed
And cooked and ate in glee.

Boy loved to meditate
At times shine and others hide
But fate would have it differently
So with whom should he collide?

None other than Girl who shone
As brightly as the stars
Sparkled like a diamond
Told stories of afar.

She lit the darkest corner
Undid the tightest knot
She dreamed like an undisturbed child
Made music from seeming rot.

Collision was hard but numbing too
Before you know it, eachother they wooed
A million sunsets, a trillion stars
They talked and talked for hours and hours

The poppy seeds emitted scents
The bubbles made them float in the air
Violins serenaded while
Fairies ruffled their tingly hairs

They kissed one night by the sea
No commitments no treaty
Just the sand and waves that flowed
The sea of uncertainty on which they rowed.

Years went by, the bubble thinned,
The poppy seeds lost their charm,
The lovers were left with the real world,
Their love was left unarmed.

Boy grew distant, Girl was sad
They knew not each other like they had
Each ached for freedom
But feared the unknown
They were not used to being alone.

They tried very hard, but soon they knew
Their happiness lay in bidding 'Adieu'.

With love in their hearts
And memories in tow,
Towards a new horizon, 
Their spirits go.