Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bandra Diaries


For a Bandra-ite, that seems a very reasonable and plausible answer to any question. With specific locations within, of course.

Q) "Where can I buy a set of pink feathers and magic wands for my ballerina class?"
A) "Sona store, of course."

Q) "Where can I get crockery and a cake knife for my leetal boy's birthday party?"
A) "There's Cheap Jack on Hill Road"

Q) "Dude. My iPod is messed up I need to fix it. Where can I go?"
A) "Decent, man. Just go there but make sure he does a good job. Go with someone from Bandra, he'll know them."

Q) "I need some *insert any kind of food, beverage item*."
A) "Patel's, dude."

Q) "I feel like walking by the sea."
A) "Carter Road, men. or Bandstand."

Q) "I think I'm falling in love with you."
A) "Bandra."

Q) "I have the flu. My mother sprouted peach feathers."
A) "Bandra."

Q) "12,456 + 563?"
A) "Bandra."