Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy birthday buddy

There was once a stringy lad,
An intellectual air he had,
Spoke out of his hat,
Hit his head with a bat
I would've, if the chance I had.

But this lad, Pariket, we see,
Grew up to the handsome he be,
With a swagger and smile
Charming all with his style
Formed a brotherhood with the boys and me

From then on our bond was strong
With our ups and downs along,
Laughter and tears
Kicks in our rears
We carried on in dance and song

From GJ coffees to now
Past jaundices and fractures, and how
We travel the world
With our heads in a whirl
As much as our pockets allow

Now this lad has joined our kind
Of the quarter-century grind
But I must add here
To your heart do hold dear
That 'ageing' is only in the mind.

So to the next quarter I toast,
Many a party may you host
Success in your life
Perhaps a loving wife
And little minions of your own to roast.